Remaking Plastic

Taking Action for Sustainable Change

Plastics are essential to our nation’s present and future. These modern materials enable fuel-efficient cars, low-carbon energy, energy-efficient homes, and clean water delivery, contributing to a more resilient and sustainable national infrastructure. At the same time, we must keep these materials out of our environment. To tackle this challenge, America’s Plastic Makers® have:

Proposed a comprehensive national strategy to move the United States toward a sustainable, circular economy in which plastics are made to be remade and reused instead of discarded; and invested billions of dollars in advanced recycling technologies that can remake hard-to-recycle plastics into new plastics, again and again. These innovative technologies can help recover and remake the 90% of plastics that aren’t recycled today, creating sustainable change at-scale.

To smooth the road toward a circular economy, we could use a little help from Congress.