Making Sustainable Change is a collaborative effort of America’s Plastic Makers® and partners seeking to end plastic waste. Because plastic is essential to creating a lower-carbon future, building our nation's essential infrastructure and strengthening our domestic supply chains, we are taking action to prevent it from going to waste.

Our vision for a sustainable future

We're working for a more sustainable future by investing in solutions that can reduce plastic waste while lowering carbon emissions throughout the plastics lifecycle. And our actions toward a low-carbon future go hand in hand with our goal of protecting the environment — we've set a goal of making 100% of plastic packaging used in the U.S. recyclable or recoverable by 2030, and eliminating plastic packaging waste by 2040.

Driving change

We need dedication, education and investment in new, advanced recycling technologies that help to remanufacture more used plastic into high-quality new products, because even one piece of waste in the environment is too much.

By changing our approach to how we make, use and recapture plastic while emphasizing the value and versatility of a material that enables us to do more with less, we can create a lower-carbon and lower-emission future.

We're leveraging plastic manufacturers' knowledge and innovation so that we can bring about a more sustainable world.

We'll do it together

Thanks to our partners’ in-depth knowledge and dedication, Making Sustainable Change is a force for progress. Together, we are working toward a sustainable, responsible, more circular plastics industry that delivers solutions for our communities, our country and the world.