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Plastic bag becoming a chair

Improving our future by Making Sustainable Change.

Plastic makes the things we love, and makes life more livable. It’s a resource too valuable to waste. That’s why we’re developing innovative solutions to advance recovery, recycling and reuse efforts. We’re working to address climate change, to change industry practices, and realize a cleaner, safer and more sustainable future for everyone.

Remaking our future

Making Sustainable Change is a collaborative effort made up of industry innovators and partners who are working to end plastic waste, promote sustainability, and address climate change through the sustainable change in the production, recovery, and reuse of plastic.

The story of plastic is evolving

Understanding our present will help us create a better future.

Waste Origins

of ocean plastic comes from land-based sources

Environmental Impact

Replacing plastics in packaging and consumer products with alternative materials could raise environmental costs nearly fourfold

Our Goal

Make all plastic packaging used in the U.S. reusable, recyclable or recoverable within 10 years