Our Roadmap to Reuse

Concrete Steps Toward Ending Plastic Waste

How do we end plastic waste?

As America’s Plastic Makers®, the companies that make the plastic materials used in countless products relied on every day, we play a key role in answering this question.

To help us get there, we’ve established two ambitious goals:

  • 100% of U.S plastic packaging is recyclable or recoverable by 2030 and
  • 100% of U.S. plastic packaging is re-used, recycled or recovered by 2040.

And to help steer us toward a circular economy – in which materials are kept in productive use for as long as possible and then repurposed instead of discarded – we’ve developed a set of Guiding Principles to accelerate the elimination of plastic waste.

So we know where we’re headed… and we’ve got some high-level markers to guide us. But to get there, we need a map.

So we developed a Roadmap to Reuse to chart the way.

The Roadmap outlines a set of actions towards achieving these goals, built around six core areas that together will modernize the way we collect and recycle and reuse plastics (and other materials).

  1. More effective value-chain engagement to optimize new and existing programs
  2. More active consumer engagement, so Americans know what and how to recycle
  3. Expanded access, so all Americans can recycle in their communities and away from home
  4. Solving the challenge of economically collecting and sorting harder-to-recycle plastic packaging formats, such as films, pouches, foams and small formats
  5. Dramatically scaling domestic capacity in both mechanical and advanced recycling
  6. Solving the challenges of domestic sortation and end markets for plastics, especially those formerly exported to overseas markets

The Roadmap also lays out key stakeholders best positioned for the actions that will help achieve our goals. We’re working with product companies and retailers, haulers and recycling facilities, companies that buy used plastic, governments and the broad plastics value chain. And of course, we’ll need all of you to pitch in and do your part to help divert used plastics from landfills and the environment.

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