Essential to a Sustainable American Infrastructure

The Materials to Build a Better Future

As a nation, we’re rebuilding our aging infrastructure. We need a more resilient foundation to boost our nation’s capacity to move people, energy, goods, and water… while simultaneously driving down greenhouse gas emissions. We need a modern, sustainable infrastructure so we can build a better future.

Our scientists and engineers make the materials that help enable low carbon energy, fuel efficient cars and trucks, clean water delivery, energy-saving building insulation, and more. Delivering these materials where and when they’re needed is vital to our ability to go places, deliver food, run a business, make a phone call, and fight disease.

In short, we need a steady and robust supply of advanced, modern plastics to create a sustainable national infrastructure.


As we set about rebuilding the resilience of our nation’s infrastructure, we need to focus attention and resources on our crumbling water delivery systems. Plastic pipes are replacing traditional materials in many applications. In fact, millions of miles of plastic pipe are in service throughout North America, relied upon by thousands of water utilities.

Wind Turbines

“Windmills” have come a long way from the iconic steel towers that sprouted across the prairies in the 1890s. As we build out our nation’s low carbon energy infrastructure, ever wonder what the massive wind turbine blades you see today are made of?

Solar Power

To achieve a lower carbon future we’re going to need lots of efficient, long-lasting solar energy capacity. We’ll need a resilient power infrastructure that delivers on the promise of energy from the sun, and plastics is an essential part of it.


If we’re going to rebuild our nation’s infrastructure while creating a lower carbon future, it makes sense to modernize this immense, energy-consuming sector. Especially our homes.