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Tell Congress to Ditch the "Plastic Tax"

As Congress debates how to pay for its new $3.5 trillion spending plan, they are seriously considering a tax on plastic that will impact almost everything you buy. This “Plastic Tax” will impose a tax on most everyday items – whether it is used in cars or packaging or most everything else.

  • With American families struggling, and with inflation on the rise, this is no time to impose a $120 billion tax over ten years that economists estimate could increase the cost of plastic materials used in consumer goods by 26%, from milk and most groceries to smartphones and even electric vehicles.
  • The move would also push manufacturers to look to China for their plastic needs, hurting both American jobs and consumers.
  • Worse still, Congress says one goal of the spending bill is to combat climate change and one supposed reason for this tax is to reduce plastic waste in the environment. But, with the "Plastic Tax" the cost of many of the very materials that are necessary to tackle climate change - wind turbines, solar panels, electric vehicles and more - will rise. Further, this tax would do nothing to create circular solutions that prevent waste from entering the environment.
  • And as companies are forced to turn away from using plastic, they’ll instead turn to other materials, many of which have been found to result in increased greenhouse gas emissions over their lifecycles compared to plastics packaging and products, undercutting sustainability efforts.
  • Congress should support a plan that will actually make sustainable change—for our communities and our environment. We strongly urge Congress to consider our "5 Actions for Sustainable Change" aimed at ending plastic waste and moving us toward recycling more used plastic so it can be made into new products.

Your voice is important. Please send a letter to your elected officials urging them to say NO to the “Plastic Tax.”