Sustainably Speaking

Listen as innovators and industry experts discuss sustainability, ending plastic waste and ensuring a lower-carbon future.

Welcome to the Sustainably Speaking podcast.

Protecting our oceans and environment, and ensuring a sustainable and lower-carbon future are among the most critical issues of our time. But how do we make it all happen?

Join Joshua Baca from America’s Plastic Makers®, on the newly launched Sustainably Speaking podcast where we discuss these critical issues, and solutions, with the innovators, problem solvers and thought leaders helping to create a more sustainable future.

This limited-episode series will explore new ideas and innovations, ask tough questions, and delve into important public debates.

Americas Plastic Makers are making sustainable change in ways no other industry can. Our vision for the future – and the theme for these thought-provoking discussions – includes building a more circular economy, empowering low-carbon energy choices, and designing a more sustainable world. And, it's already happening today.

We hope you can join us every two weeks as new episodes are released! Listen below or subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts to stay on top of the issues impacting sustainability.

Episode 1: The Road to Circularity (June 7, 2021)

What is sustainability, what is circularity, and how do they impact your daily life?

On this episode of Sustainably Speaking, host Joshua Baca of America’s Plastic Makers®, NOVA Chemicals Director of Sustainability Sarah Marshall, and McKinsey Partner Jeremy Wallach discuss the importance of reducing plastic waste by creating and maintaining a circular economy for plastics. Listen in as they dive into what it means to create a system where no plastic materials are wasted and how America’s Plastic Makers are making it possible through our Guiding Principles and Roadmap to Reuse

Click here to listen to Episode 1.


About Joshua

Joshua Baca is Vice President of ACC’s Plastics Division, where he oversees strategic programs to advance a science-based policy agenda, national outreach, and sustainability initiatives on behalf of America’s leading plastics makers. He fosters multi-stakeholder dialogue around helping to end plastic waste by creating a more circular economy. Joshua regularly works across a number of industries to encourage plastics’ advantages in key markets, such as automotive, building and construction, and packaging, and innovations that are helping to address some of our world’s greatest sustainability challenges.

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